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Science-driven innovation is a cross-cutting key to success in today’s business environment. In an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, decision makers need critical advice about markets, technologies, and strategy – both to position existing business for growth and to launch new businesses wisely. Emerging technology fields are fertile hunting grounds for new business opportunities, and corporate executives, investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurs across many industries look to these areas to drive growth.

Whether it is cleantech or conventional oil and gas, advanced aerospace or consumer packaged goods, electronics or agriculture, the industries we serve are highly dependent on innovative materials, processes, and strategies to lower costs, increase revenues, defeat competitors, and serve customers.

However, emerging technology markets are also uniquely challenging to understand and to take advantage of – Lux Research analysts are specialists in understanding and assessing these complex and rapidly-changing fields.

See Lux Research’s track record in Measuring and Quantifying Success in Innovation.

Our research products are:

  • Driven by proprietary primary research, not just publicly available data. We conduct over 5,000 interviews annually with company management, customers, partners, and outside experts, including on-site visits and facility inspections in 45 countries
  • Based on a deep understanding of technology and markets. Our researchers are not generalist consultants or market researchers, but domain experts (most with advanced degrees in science and engineering), familiar with issues and trends in these technology areas. At the same time, our analysts aren’t simply technologists, but are well-versed in assessing business implications of emerging technology
  • Factual, detailed, and numerate. We don’t indulge in vague generalizations, but support conclusions with specific data, examples, and case studies. Lux Research reports and other deliverables are not merely qualitative, but provide specific numbers – market sizes, figures of merit, price/cost, revenues – to help make decisions
  • Bold and opinionated. We do not simply take claims or reports at face value, but apply critical analysis to cut through the hype and get to what is really true. We do not just report data or information, but say what it means – and put a firm stake in the ground in recommending what clients should do.

For more information visit: http://www.luxresearchinc.com/

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